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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!

Well it isn't midnight here in Utah yet but I'll offer my Best Wishes to everyone now because it is pretty likely I won't staying up until the fireworks go off here. I'm tucked into my chair with a wound up kitten on my lap and a glass of corn whiskey on my chair side table so I'm as happy as it's possbile to be tonight.

I'm watching the teevee weather lady describing the snow that is going to fall tonight and tomorrow and cursing the worker on the assembly line where this Craftsman snowblower was assembled, whenever that was. Yesterday's snowblower failure was a result of another (numerous) failed welds just like the one that already caused me to make repairs just a few weeks ago. There's a bracket that holds a jackshaft in place that completely unwelded itself from the main frame of the machine. I know all that because I've torn the machine down until the frame is naked- all the parts are sitting on my bench. So I need to order a chain and jackshaft and I need some welding done, all before the machine can be available for it's intended use. I really do hate this worn out machine!

Otherwise, and except for the pending unemployment, everything is great.

Ya'll have a great 2010!

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